What’s included? Lemme tell you!
  • 1 portrait/fanart/OC/whatever figure (additional figures are $10 for B/W and $15 for Color per figure) (And backgrounds, like those found in HIT, are available for $10 too!)
  • 3 preliminary sketches, for your approval, to make sure everything is looking groovy (any additional sketches will be charged hourly)
  • Some great art

Other important commissions info:

  • Send commission requests to samhudson@hit-comic.com with the subject: Commissions
  • If I don’t respond right away, it’s not that I don’t want to, I just may not be ready for your commission, but I will try to get back to you as soon as possible
  • I will start working on your commission once 50% of the payment has been received, and I will upload the finished work when it has been completed and full payment has been received
  • All commissions conform to International A4 sizes (other dimensions available upon request)
  • There may be additional costs for printing and shipping, if you would like a print of the commission to be shipped to you
  • I am currently setup for payment through PayPal
  • Any commissions questions can be sent to samhudson@hit-comic.com with the subject: Commissions

Other commissioned media coming soon!!!