A mash-up of awesome things (if the reviews are to be believed).

I’ve been on the hook for the GotG (Guardians of the Galaxy, for any moms out there) movie since it was announced that Andy Dwyer would be handling the reigns of the intrepid Spaceman Spiff Star Lord. The other casting may not have been my first choice (see above), but it still looks like it’s going to be a bang up flick.

Also, my girlfriend thinks that Chris Pratt has transformed himself into a “mega hunk”, so there’s going to be little to no persuasion to get her into the theater for this one. (She also doesn’t read these parts of the comic posts, so I can pretty much put whatever words in her mouth I want.)

Side note, It’s been an amazing journey to witness Andy’s transformation from an airheaded slob in season 1 of P&R to the airheaded nice guy who always comes out smelling like a rose. ¬†And if there is anyway to petition Merriam-Webster and her dictionary to just put a picture of Ron Swanson under the definition for the word “man”, that would be stellar.