Another comic referencing a comic centric movie coming out this weekend, complete with a crappy take on the long haired Megan Fox as the long haired April O’Neil (I never can remember if it was “O’Neal” or “O’Neil”).

Although I was a little anxious about some of the changes to the Ninja Turtles, *cough* nostrils *cough* and *double cough* them looking like they’re 7-ish feet tall *double cough*, I think I can confidently say that I am pretty pumped for this movie. I may not have been there when they all wore red masks, but I was there for the cartoons where they had pupils, one of the most unforgiving video games ever, and the first attempt at a live action representation with stuntmen stuck in latex suits.

I even had a Raphael halloween costume, complete with plastic sais, that got plenty of use well after my childhood the holiday was over.