Maybe this isn’t that weird of a thing to anyone else, but to me it seems odd that there are so many non-black heroes/villains with the adjective of “black” in their name.  I can kinda understand code names modeled after animals, or already existing phenomena, like your Black Widows and Black Mambas.  Or, in the case of Black Bolt, you could argue that it’s for brevity’s sake.  Really?  “Blackagar Boltagon”?  Ain’t nobody got time for that.


Black Canary, on the other hand, pushes the boundaries of suspension of disbelief.  I guess we’re supposed to buy that someone woke up one day, not only wanting to fight crime, but to have people call her pale ass “Black Canary” at the same time.    That would be like Detlef Schrempf trying to get the rest of the NBA to call him “Black Forest”.  On second thought, that at least makes sense since he was born in Germany.


P.S.  That’s Luke Cage Power Man, none of this Victor Alvarez business.