Jan 18Police Shark 1
Jan 12A 300th Comic!


Dec 28A Comic In The Bathroom
Dec 14A Comic About The Last Jedi
Dec 7A Comic About The Avengers: Infinity War Trailer
Nov 30A Comic About Pizza
Nov 27A Comic About Justice League
Nov 19Another Comic About The Punisher
Nov 2A Comic About Thor
Oct 26Do Kids Know The Shaft Theme Song?
Oct 19A Comic About Jason Momoa
Oct 12Still More Comics About Voltron
Oct 6A Comic About Wolverine
Sep 28A Comic About Scarecrows
Sep 19A Comic About Living Through Irma
Sep 14Another Comic About Game Of Thrones
Sep 1A Comic About Who Shot First
Aug 23A Comic About Death Note
Aug 17A Comic About The Defenders
Aug 11A Comic About RPGs
Aug 3Yet Another Comic About Voltron
Aug 1A Comic About Superman’s Mustache
Jul 27A Comic About Tipping
Jul 20A Comic About Bears
Jul 13A Comic I Made With My Friend
Jul 5Another Comic About Spider-Man
Jun 29A Comic About Baseball
Jun 26A Comic About Podcasts
Jun 15Another Comic About Superman’s Clothes
Jun 8A Comic About Superman’s Clothes
Jun 1A Comic About Wonder Woman
May 31A Comic About A New Exercise
May 24A Comic About Star Wars 2
May 17A Comic About Power And Responsibility
May 11A Comic About Movie Night 2
May 4A Comic About Guardians Of The Galaxy
Apr 28A Comic About What I’m Like After The Gym
Apr 20A Comic About Leftovers
Apr 13A Comic About Batman
Apr 7A Comic About Beer
Mar 31A Comic About D&D
Mar 24A Comic About Power Rangers 2
Mar 16A Comic About Iron Fist
Mar 9A Comic About The Hulk
Mar 3A Comic About Logan
Feb 24A Comic At The End
Feb 16A Comic Where I Use Copy And Paste 3
Feb 10A Comic With Cheeks
Feb 3A Comic With Inertia
Jan 27A Comic With Character Development
Jan 20A Comic About The Only Newsworthy Thing Happening Today
Jan 13A Comic About Milestones
Jan 5A Comic About Fears


Dec 28A Comic About Spellbooks
Dec 16A Comic About Rogue One
Dec 12A Comic With Gratuitous Swear Words
Dec 2A Comic About Lifting Heavy Things
Nov 28A Comic With Portmanteau 2
Nov 18A Comic About Wishes
Nov 11A Comic About A Snake Bite
Nov 4A Comic About Doctor Strange
Oct 31A Comic About Whistling
Oct 19A Comic About What I Want To See At A Presidential Debate
Oct 13A Comic About Lights
Oct 7A Comic About Lightning Bugs
Sep 30A Comic About Luke Cage
Sep 26A Comic With A “Quantum Leap” Sound
Sep 16A Comic About Magic
Sep 2A Comic About Anecdotes
Aug 26A Comic About Campsites
Aug 19A Comic About Twilight
Aug 12A Comic About Stranger Things
Aug 4A Comic About Suicide Squad
Jul 29A Comic About Bourne
Jul 21Another Comic About Pokemon Go
Jul 13A Comic About Pokemon Go
Jul 8A Comic About Dating
Jul 5A Comic About Game Of Thrones
Jun 30A Comic About Throwing
Jun 28A Comic About “Hail Hydra”
Jun 23A Comic About Optimism
Jun 21A Comic About Summer
Jun 16A Comic About Orcs
Jun 14A Comic About Iron Man
Jun 9Another Comic About Voltron
Jun 7A Comic About Phone Companies
Jun 2A Comic About Bebop And Rocksteady
May 31A Comic About Running
May 26A Comic About X-Men Apocalypse
May 24A Comic About Movie Night
May 19A Comic About Gender Binary Bathroom Choices
May 17One Last Comic About Civil War
May 12A Comic About Deodorant
May 10Another Comic About Captain America: Civil War
May 5A Comic About Captain America: Civil War
May 3A Comic Inspired By The Punisher
Apr 28A Comic About Voltron
Apr 26A Comic For Alien Day
Apr 21A Comic About Mythbusters
Apr 19A Comic About G.I. Joe
Apr 14A Comic About The Powerpuff Girls
Apr 12A Strip Imitating Life
Apr 7A Comic About Mario
Apr 5One Last Comic Inspired By Daredevil Season 2
Mar 31Another Comic Inspired By Daredevil Season 2
Mar 29A Comic About Batman V Superman, Part 2
Mar 24A Comic About Batman V Superman
Mar 22A Comic About Daredevil Season 2
Mar 17A Comic About St. Patrick’s Day
Mar 15A Comic About The Marvel Cinematic Universe
Mar 10A Comic About Power Rangers
Mar 8A Comic With Misheard Song Lyrics: I Kissed A Girl
Mar 3A Comic With A Re-cap
Mar 1A Comic About Passing Out
Feb 25A Comic That Just Glosses Over Everything
Feb 23A Comic With Interloping Children
Feb 18A Comic About “Apps” 2: The Uber-ing
Feb 16A Comic About “Apps”
Feb 11A Comic About Deadpool
Feb 9A Comic With My Favorite Sound Effect To Date
Feb 4A Comic With A Recap
Feb 2A Comic With Bravado
Jan 28A Comic Where I Use Copy And Paste 2
Jan 26A Comic With Excitement
Jan 21A Comic With A Recycled Joke
Jan 19A Comic With A “Topical” Reference
Jan 14A Comic With A Weird Sound Effect
Jan 12A Comic With A Hawkgirl Reference
Jan 7A Comic With Only One Word
Jan 5A Comic About What To Call Things


Dec 31A Comic With Portmanteau
Dec 29A Comic Where A Squirrel Thinks For Herself
Dec 24A “Comic” Having To Do With Christmas
Dec 22A Comic Summarizing The Recent Past
Dec 17A Comic About Star Wars
Dec 15A Comic Where I Use Copy And Paste
Dec 10A Comic Where Jack Makes A Mess
Dec 8A Comic About Nearly Puking
Dec 3Bucket Of Beers
Dec 1Spit Hot Fire
Nov 26A Thanksgiving Interstitial
Nov 24Jessica Jones Is On Netflix, Apparently
Nov 19Thursday Night Fights: Ronald Raygun vs The Cagey Bee
Nov 17Rhubarb, Peas and Carrots
Nov 13St(r)ained
Nov 10That Little Orphan
Nov 5Jack’s Back!
Nov 3Tipping Point
Oct 29Rimshot
Oct 27Fake ID
Oct 222 Pop Culture References?!
Oct 20Go Ogle
Oct 15Wing Dings
Oct 13A Quick Re-Cap
Oct 8Imagery
Oct 6Idlewild
Oct 1Crushing It
Sep 29Silent But Informative
Sep 24Disappointingly Tacky, Yet Refined
Sep 22Meals On Wheels
Sep 17When I Was Your Age…
Sep 15Wangs
Sep 10Reunited
Sep 8Trip Down Memory Lane
Sep 3Upskirt
Sep 1All Aboard?
Aug 27Great Minds…
Aug 25Apologies To Little Jonathan And His Boyz From The East Side
Aug 20The Types of Conversations I Have With Myself
Aug 18Sneakers
Aug 13TGIF For $200
Aug 11It’s Raining, It’s Pouring
Aug 6The Invisible Grille
Aug 4Fan Fiction
Jul 30Anteaters
Jul 28Post Credits Stinger
Jul 23Hoodies Are Back
Jul 21Art Imitating Life
Jul 16I Like Big Buns, Apparently
Jul 14Down In The Dumps
Jul 9The Road To Recovery
Jul 7Dr. William Madison, MD
Jul 2Celebrate Good Times
Jun 30No Time Flat
Jun 23Euphemisms
Jun 18The Rue
Jun 16Sawbones Pt. 2: The Bonesining
Jun 11Sawbones
Jun 9Includes A Suggested Name For A French Stewart Comedy Club
Jun 4What’s In A Name?
Jun 2Monster M*A*S*H
May 28All Good Things…
May 26Sweat And Wild
May 21Takin’ A Knee
May 19Explosions Are Fun To Draw
May 14Firestarter
May 12Gettin’ Into Trouble
May 7Jukebox Zero
May 5Don’t Rock The Jukebox
Apr 30I Wish That I Could Be Like The Cruel Kids
Apr 28Life With Arch-y
Apr 23A Nicer Mos Eisley
Apr 21Not Unlike A Peacock
Apr 16The Man In The Mirror
Apr 14The Montage
Apr 9What’s Monty Even Short For?
Apr 7All Apologies To Mr. Quitely
Apr 2Turning Tables
Mar 31Operation Makeover
Mar 26The Fleek Is On
Mar 24Made In America
Mar 19Fashion Police
Mar 17Happy St. Patrick’s Day
Mar 12Styling And Profiling
Mar 10The Hood-do’s Of Hoodie Ownership
Mar 5Bed Ridden
Mar 3Have A Nice Trip…
Feb 26Lion On Fire
Feb 24Who Knows What That 1% Is
Feb 19An Electrifying Performance
Feb 17An Outlet For Creativity
Feb 12Too Hot To Handle
Feb 10Knowledge Is Power
Feb 5These Are The Essentials
Feb 3The First Rule In The Book
Jan 29Must See TV
Jan 27Soy Un Perdedor
Jan 22Friends In High Places
Jan 20Marketing 101
Jan 15Rules Of Engagement
Jan 13A Visit From The Mayor
Jan 8Ice Cream Social
Jan 6Diabetes + Sweets =
Jan 1Sweet Deal


Dec 30Hail, Hail, The Gang’s All Here
Dec 25Happy Merry!
Dec 23Whoop-Whoop, Pull Over!
Dec 18Cover Up
Dec 16Adult Onset Detective
Dec 11Starstruck 2, Electric Boogaloo
Dec 9Smash Brother
Dec 4A Breath Of Fresh Air
Dec 2Back Got Baby
Nov 27Happy Thanksgiving!
Nov 25Nailed It
Nov 20Magic Bullet
Nov 18Pickin Up Good Vibrations
Nov 13Someone Poisoned My Idea Hole
Nov 11Dead Or Alive
Nov 6My Favorite Part of a Haircut
Nov 4Strokin’
Oct 30Vibrato
Oct 28Stunts
Oct 23Possible Batman Twitter Handles
Oct 21Extensively Researched Cowboy Talk
Oct 16Circle Of Fists
Oct 14Spanish for “The Kabong”
Oct 9Cue The Who
Oct 7Safe Driver Discount
Oct 2Crash Overdrive
Sep 30Do Robots Dream Of Electric Feet
Sep 25Crash Takeoff Take 2
Sep 23Crash Takeoff
Sep 18Walk-By Exposition
Sep 16Blueprints For A Chick Magnet
Sep 11Regulation Painting Garments
Sep 9A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.
Sep 4A Sausage Car By Any Other Name
Sep 2Of Foods and Festivals
Aug 28Meals on Wheels
Aug 26Fast and/or Furious
Aug 21Sin Farm 2: A Grain To Till For
Aug 19Occupied
Aug 14Piggy Front
Aug 12Flight of shame
Aug 7Ninja, Please
Aug 5Social Media
Jul 31Parks and Wreck
Jul 29You got peanut butter in my separate but equal
Jul 24Holy Hypocrisy, Batman
Jul 22Just a bit outside
Jul 17Beauty is Truth
Jul 15BlackHeroesMeet
Jul 10Extry! Extry!
Jul 8Step Right Up
Jul 3Retroactive Continuity
Jul 1Black Tar
Jun 26We’re Number 2!
Jun 24Welcome Jack
Jun 19Two of My Favorite Things
Jun 17Smokin’ Gun
Jun 12Like a Bullet to Your Brain
Jun 10Bang! Zoom!
Jun 5Pin Up
Jun 3Punching Rabbits
May 29Exposition-bot
May 27Dance Like A White Boy
May 22The Spy Who Loathed Me
May 20Starstruck
May 15Breaking Wind
May 13O Brave New World
May 8Smokin’ in the Girls Room
May 6Back to the Present
May 1The Buckeye State