As the title suggests, we’re turning it up to 11 in 2018.

Not to say that 2017 wasn’t pretty kick butt for us. Started another strip called Nerdsday with my main mayne Max. If you haven’t checked it yet, do yourself a favor and give that link a click. It chronicles the highlights and lowlights (pretty much always lowlights) of our weekly D&D campaign. Good stuff, if my clearly biased opinion holds any water.

Also got back into the convention circuit with the inaugural SWFL Comic Con. It was pretty great to finally see this little slice of nerdom that is Southwest Florida get its own event to celebrate. Heck, I even got to Mark Bagley(!), which was pretty great experience for me, as a Spider-Man Fan-Boy.

Oh, and I got married, too.

Yeah, 2017 was pretty great.

But 2018 is gonna make all of that look like amateur hour (well except for that marriage thing. Nothing is gonna top that!). Heck, H.I.T. reached its 300th strip this year! And we’re doing more cons. More posters. More stories. More, more, more (how do you like it?).

So, please, join us on this journey that is 2018. It’s gonna rock our collective socks off!