It’s been a while, but we’re back at it! “It”, in this instance, being hitting up some comic conventions, and this Saturday is the inaugural Southwest Florida Comic Con in Fort Myers, Florida. It’s exciting to be a part of something in your adopted home town, especially when you’re getting in the on ground floor.

Aside from myself, they’ve managed to land a couple of more big name people. One of which I’m really excited to be associated with is Mark Bagley, breaker of records with Ultimate Spider-Man and creator of Carnage (although, I have never really heard his name said out loud, so I’m not sure if it’s pronounced “Bag-lee” or “Bagel-y”, in that he might have aspects of a bagel).

Oh, also, I got you a map of the convention, with the most important table circled in red, so, y’know, you can just head straight there and hang out:

SWFL Comic Con Layout

We’ll be taking commissions and we’ll also have plenty of art pre-made if you just want to get in and get out with something fancy. And we’ll also have all our posters and stuff that you normally find here but at discounted con prices! And you don’t have to pay shipping!

So come to Fort Myers, swing by the con, stop by my table and we’ll hang. No big whoop.