Well, we finally did it!

After I don’t even know how many months of promising something to be coming soon, it’s finally here! And that thing is Nerdsday.


What is Nerdsday?

Saddle up, I’m about to tell you. Nerdsday is a collaboration between me and several of my friends as we play table top RPGs. Written by my friend Max, Nerdsday portrays the highlights (and the lowlights… more often than not, the lowlights) of our weekly Dungeons and Dragons group.

At least that’s what it’s gonna start out as. As time goes on, hey maybe it’ll morph into telling stories from other table top games. Idunno!

So if you like dungeons, or dragons, or magic, or fantasy, or dragons, or the art of H.I.T. but wish it would be funnier eventually, give Nerdsday a shot. It doesn’t suck! Yet!