Hey everyone!

I know I keep saying I wanna make all these wide sweeping changes or updates to how HIT is presented or how to update the website or come up with more means of producing excellent content for you, and I’m starting to realize that these changes aren’t going to happen all at once. No, they are most likely going to be rolled out in baby steps. Which is fine! It offers me the chance to actually put the time and effort into each little piece and also make new posts!

So, without further ado, the first of (hopefully) many little updates: a pennant link to my pretty amazing shirt storefront!

I know, I know. You’re probably thinking: “But Sam, you already have a link. That really small link, kinda near the top? That says ‘T-shorts’ or something? I dunno, it’s real tiny, but it’s there”. And you know what? You’re right! It is really tiny. So to help you all help me make even better content and the like, I’ve gone ahead and jazzed up the link a bit and made a little “shop” section! More things are definitely on their way, so it shouldn’t be too lonely for long.

…I hope.

And, if you haven’t really checked out what shirts we have to offer, let me go ahead and let you in on a tiny bit of the secret:

Expecto PatronumI Love Spider-Man
Stronger ThingsVoltron