Well, everyone, I did it.

I went and got engaged.

You’re probably thinking “Sam, congratulations! But what does this have to do with your slightly above average comic strip?” Well, I’ll tell you, my baby birds.

After more than 2 years and more than 220 comics released every Tuesday and Thursday, I’ve decided it’s time to ease back on the arbitrary deadlines I’ve placed on myself. This, in no way, shape or form, means that I am quitting. Not by a long shot. I’m going to create a store! I’m going to have merchandise! I’m going to have awesome t-shirts! I’m going to do commissions! I’m going to update the website so it looks funky fresh! I’m going to get better at my craft by filling sketchbooks, and focusing on my trouble areas! I’m going to create the greatest wedding invitations anyone has ever seen! I’m going to run down a mountain in Montana! I’m going to move, like, 5 miles down the street! I’m going to go to more conventions! But in order to do that, to achieve all these things that I want H.I.T. to grow up to be, I need to be more fluid. And I hope you can, too.

H.I.T. will still update at a minimum once a week. Probably twice, like more of a Tuesday/Friday schedule, if I had to hazard a guess. But at the very least once a week. If anything, this will result in so much more. More quality in stories, in art, in the overall product that is H.I.T. And that quality is being shipped right back out to you, the fans.

I really hope you guys join me on this journey as we hunt down the future. Be sure to check out all of my social media accounts (here, here, or here) for all the cool art projects that will follow. Also here, I’ll probably be posting a lot of that information here.